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The Chronicle of Your Life: Choosing the Right Photographer

Good photography is magical because it allows us to freeze a moment in time that will be visible down through generations long after the people in the photograph have passed on. Therefore, choosing the right professionals to take your family photography or choosing an excellent wedding photographer is so important. You are trusting this professional to capture loved ones at a particular stage of life or precious moments of important events that will be preserved for a lifetime and more.

Photographs tell a story of our lives and the people who share our experiences. The internet abounds with stories of parents and children who took photographs in the same position with the same people over a number of years. This glimpse of your family photography throughout the years tells a beautiful, sometimes happy and sometimes bittersweet story of our relationships.

The perfect wedding story

The same can be said for a wedding photographer. Weddings are the biggest event in many people’s lives and details are painstakingly executed to ensure the event will be perfect. With all the planning that goes into this special day, it’s important each moment is frozen in time with expert photography.

To ensure your wedding pictures will be all you want them to be, certain safeguards and steps must be taken. First, you will want to carefully shop for the perfect photographer. You’ll want to arrange to meet with the photographer face to face.

There are several things you should discuss with the photographer. He needs to know the style and theme of your wedding, the image, and effect you’re looking for, and as much about you and your future spouse as possible. This knowledge will enable him to perfectly plan out the photographs that will tell your special story.

Make sure all your memories are captured

You’ll want to make sure the photographer will be available for any other events associated with your wedding you want to chronicle. Many brides want their rehearsal dinner, bridal showers, and other events captured. Allow your photographer to spin your story through photographs from the first wedding shower or engagement party right up until you and your new spouse head off to your honeymoon.

Technical details like budget and any special considerations should be clearly stated. The more information you share with your photographer, the more accurately he’ll understand and meet your needs. Don’t think of the photographs as just pictures of your wedding. Imagine looking at them on your 25th and 50th wedding anniversary.

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