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Event Baker & Custom Cakes 

What Does an Event Baker Do?

An event baker does more than just make cakes for birthdays and other parties. In fact, event bakers can make cakes that are small, large, that are modeled after people, things, animals and that are truly spectacular both in scale and in the overall effect and quality of the cake. Event bakers often are hired out for parties, weddings, and other special events where a typical cake that you buy at the grocery store is not going to do the job. These bakers are highly trained to create cakes that are one of a kind and that are truly spectacular. They can create wedding cakes, specialty birthday cakes, cake pops, brownies and so much more to help make your special even sweet and special all in one. Event bakers have the ability to bake confections of all sizes and varieties so that you can get the right baked confection for your party or special event.

Types of Custom Cakes

Custom cakes are a great way to set your party or event apart. This can mean a special cake for your wedding, a birthday cake, or just a cake for that special get together that you are planning. Custom cakes are all made differently with tons of flavors, shapes, sizes and overall configurations. You can get cakes that are shaped like things, cakes that are traditional, cakes that have tons of different flavors, and cakes that are seriously special to you and the people at your event. A great bakery or special events service is going to be able to create a cake that works for you and that is special and makes your event one of a kind and truly unforgettable. For those in the Twin Falls, ID area, Centennial Event Services can get you the best cake for you and for your event and special guests.

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